New This Week – Sylvanian Families

What’s New

Who doesn’t like shopping, hanging out with friends and grabbing a bargain? The Sylvanian Families Grand Department Store Giftset contains all the items you need to create your own Macy’s, Myers, Harrods or maybe even Zara. This all-in-one gift set comes with all the contents of the Grand Department Store, Boutique Fashion Set, Cosmetic Beauty Set, Fashion Showcase Set, Chocolate Lounge and more. The department store can be combined with other Town Series items from the Sylvanian Families collection.

What’s on Sale

If your Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall needs redecorating, we have some massive bargains happening on overstocked furniture and families. How about a new master bedroom set, living room set, bathroom or country kitchen set? Head over to our Sylvanian Families here, you’ll find great savings on furniture, families cars and houses.