Meet the Newest Additions to the Santoro London Gorjuss Doll Family

Say hello to the newest members of the Santoro of London Gorjuss Doll collection: Just One Second, The Ice Dance, The Little Dancer, and The Solo. These beautifully crafted dolls, made with love and care, add joy, charm, and endless play opportunities for your little ones.

Just One Second Striking and Stylish

Just One Second is as sweet as a doll can be, with her striking long red hair, delicate hands, and unique intoed stance. She’s stylishly dressed in an orange and purple striped dress with a black bowtie, complemented by a burgundy jacket and pink Mary Janes. The fluffy white headband with bunny ears and a gold bag with a clock motif add a whimsical touch to her look.

Adorable and Charming

Then there’s The Ice Dance, ready to steal your heart with her charm. Her striking black hair tucked neatly under a knitted hat with pom-poms and her warm, snowflake-adorned blue coat over a red dress create a winter wonderland. The green skate boots and a black cross-body bag finish her adorable look.

Elegant in Sheer White

The Little Dancer is another beautiful addition to the collection. Her striking purple hair, orange leotard, sheer white skirt sprinkled with purple dots, and orange ballet shoes that tie up her leg give her the grace and elegance of a little dancer. She also carries a bag with a Gramophone and musical notes motif and a dancing stick with a ribbon.

Ready to Steal Your Heart

Last but not least, The Solo is a heart-stealer with her lovingly crafted outfit. Her long purple hair, held back by a striped headband, and her beautifully posed stance make her a striking doll. Her black dress, decorated with piano keys at the bottom, purple socks trimmed in blue, and black Mary Janes make for a truly stylish ensemble.

Made With Love in Spain

All dolls, made from soft vinyl, feature articulated limbs for enhanced realism. Infused with a delicate rose and honeysuckle scent, they offer a sensory experience that your little ones will adore. Standing 32cm tall, these dolls are suitable for children aged three and above and come packaged in sophisticated gift boxes, making them an ideal choice.

Each doll is a joy to play with and a collectable piece. They provide endless fun and imaginative role-play opportunities that your little ones will cherish. So, welcome these new members into your doll collection and watch as they become your child’s favourite companions!

The new Santoro London Gorjuss Dolls range, made with love, delivers a blend of craftsmanship, charm, and playful design. Whether It’s Just One Second, The Ice Dance, The Little Dancer, or The Solo, each doll brings a unique personality, making them an invaluable addition to any collection.

Santoro® of London Gorjuss “The Ice Dance”


Meet the Santoro London Gorjuss Doll, The Ice Dance. Made with love, it’s beautifully dressed and carries a blend of rose and honeysuckle scent. This 32cm tall doll is made from soft vinyl and is suitable for children aged three and above. This collectable doll is packaged in a stunning gift box and offers a wonderful role-play experience.

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Santoro® Gorjuss Doll “Just One Second”


The Santoro London Gorjuss Doll, Just One Second, is an endearing doll made with love. Exquisitely dressed, it carries a delightful rose and honeysuckle scent. Crafted from soft vinyl, this 32cm tall doll suits children aged three and above. This collectable doll, is presented in a stunning gift box.

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Santoro® of London Gorjuss Doll “Little Dancer”


The Santoro London Gorjuss Doll, Little Dancer, is an enchanting doll made with love. She is dressed in beautiful clothes and features a lovely blend of rose and honeysuckle scents. Crafted from soft vinyl, it stands 32cm tall and is suitable for children aged three and above. This collectable doll, presented in a sophisticated gift box, offers imaginative role play and is an ideal gift for your little one.

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Santoro® Gorjuss Doll “The Solo”


Introducing the Santoro London Gorjuss Doll ‘The Solo.’ This charming doll, dressed in quality clothes and delicately fragranced, is perfect for your child’s role-playing adventures. Created by Spanish craftspeople, she is not just a doll but a collectable piece delivered in an elegant gift box.

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