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Santoro® Dolls

Welcome to the beautiful world of our Santoro Gorjuss Doll collection. Explore this exquisite range, where each doll is meticulously designed and lovingly crafted, embodying the spirit of childhood joy, charm, and endless imaginative play.

If you are looking for a beautiful and fragrant doll, a Santoro of London Gorjuss doll is a great option. These handcrafted dolls have a delightful scent, making them an ideal present for your child. This, coupled with the soft vinyl used to craft the dolls and their articulated limbs, makes them incredibly tactile and engaging for little ones.

These dolls are perfect as a special gift and will captivate children and collectors alike. They come in a charming gift box and stand around 32cm tall, making them an impressive addition to any doll collection.

The Santoro London Gorjuss Dolls encapsulate charm, fine craftsmanship, and playful design.