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BRIO® Railway

Welcome aboard the world of our BRIO Railway collection! Here, you’ll discover an exciting array of train sets, tracks and roads, as well as trains and wagons, each designed to spark your child’s creativity and ignite their imagination.

Train Sets

Begin your railway journey with our wide range of Train Sets. These sets are complete, providing everything you need to start your adventure. They come with trains, tracks, and accessories.

Tracks and Roads

When it’s time to expand your set, explore our Tracks and Roads section. Here, you’ll find lots of extensions and layouts to make your railway network bigger and better. Whether you’re constructing sprawling countryside landscapes or bustling city junctions, our tracks and roads offer unlimited possibilities for growth and creativity.

Trains and Wagons

No railway is complete without its fleet of trains and wagons. You’ll find a range of locomotives and carriages in our Trains and Wagons section. From traditional steam engines to modern freight trains, each BRIO train is designed to delight your child. Add more wagons to your network for transporting cargo or passengers, and watch as your BRIO railway comes to life.

Embark on a journey of discovery and fun for the whole family with our BRIO Railway collection. From the moment you lay the first track to the fun of watching your trains rumble along the rails, BRIO brings the magic of railways right into your home.