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Bruder® Garbage Trucks

Don’t ask me why, but kids just love garbage trucks! For adults it’s just another chore, sorting our rubbish into red, blue, yellow and green bins, checking the neighbours to see which colour they put out and hope they’ve got it right!

For kids, it’s something else, whether it’s the noise or the action of the arm picking up the bins and emptying the garbage into the compactor who knows?

That’s why German manufacturer Bruder design and build toys just like the real thing, they have side-loading garbage trucks, rear loading garbage trucks with working presses that transport the garbage into the interior loading container. Vehicles like the MACK granite, SCANIA, MAN and MAN TGA are as true to life as possible with parts that tilt, turn, swing, and feature realistic engines and drivers cabs.

All Bruder Toys are manufactured in Germany from high-quality materials and offer hours of imaginative play.

Bruder® Gallery

Bruder® Gallery